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What cars

When chosing our fleet of cars, we carefully considered your needs for the track. We therefore chose different types of ultra-light cars that are all designed for extreme use:

The Lotus models; are all rear wheel drive, mid-engine cars equipped with a supercharger. This classic Lotus set-up combined with a superstiff chassis and extremely low weight make the Lotus a real super sports car.

For the expert drivers we reserve the exuberant and aggressive Porsche GT3 RS that has its' engine at the back and the mid engine Ferrari 430 Challenge. These rear wheel drive cars are extremely challenging but incredibly rewarding to drive on track!

Each of these fantastic cars, although they have very different technologies, offer great ride & handling and provide a structural rigidity and unparalleled torsion, that conveys the sensitivity to the driver necessary to enable them to drive to their maximum potential.