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Our 'Driving Academy' delivers a true "baptism of the track" in a range of high performance cars and at various race tracks.


Our professional instructors will guide you at all times, through all situations but you will always be in control at the wheel in every practice and track session. Each car will be equipped with on board cameras and electronic car performance monitoring that will allow ‘our expert instructors’ to analyse your every single reaction on every centimeter of the track. They will then identify and discuss with you those moments where you can improve elements of your technique and therefore add speed. We will show you how to deal with the corners in the most efficient and proficient way so that you will learn the ‘ultimate racing lines’ and can exploit the full potential of the cars and the track. Your emotion and adrenalin will fuel the desire to tame the full range of cars on offer. In our stable you will find specially prepared and equipped for use on the track: the exhilarating Exige S, and the thrill delivering Porsche GT3 RS. Full day package price: €1480 (excluding VAT) request a booking form now e-mail: Check our calendar for next events!