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Directly from the Ferrari Challenge race series this F430 does not allow mediocrity. Are you ready to enjoy the 490 horse power delivered by its V8 engine?

Ferrari 430

Ferrari F430 Challenge is driven by precision, lightweight & performance before anything else. That’s what defines the "Challenge". No ‘ordinary’ Ferrari F430 but something much more. This is the Ferrari that took part in the exclusive championship for ‘Rosse’ taking place at the most prestigious circuit in the world, since 1993. The specifications are those of a real race car: carbon parts, race seats, revised F1 style trim, an E-roll bar for safety as well as four-point seat belts. The weight of the F430 Challenge has been reduced down to 1,225 kg. with a top speed measured at the end of the straight at Monza of 280 km/h. In short, the mid-engine F430 Challenge delivers the responsiveness of a real racing car, increased perception of speed, weight distribution and grip. Pure track driving pleasure. Even the smallest adjustment delivers an advantage or disadvantage in lap time. The F430 Challenge is the 'supercar' that will put your talent and your racing spirit to the test.